Why I want a Woman President…


I am passionate about women leadership especially as political leaders especially in the developed countries… Because, I have the intuition that they have the natural attributes to be great leaders for financial stability, peace & harmony (The real change) in our world. And would like to know if you feel or do not feel they can be good leaders and the reason(s) why.

The democratic system allows us the people (Common people) to elect our political leaders because we are the majority then it’s our choice— Majority rules, so we should always create the AWARENESS on substantial issues and agendas especially the ones that will benefit the Common people (The masses) more.

The purpose of this book is to create the AWARENESS among all people about the legitimacy of women’s skills and natural attributes that qualify them to be EQUAL, if not better, for the democratic appointment as President and Commander-in-chief especially in the developed countries. The computer era has improved our ability to communicate efficiently globally. The world in this millennium is like a ” big village”, so it’s about time to take advantage of this unique means of communication and spread this AWARENESS world-wide with the availability of the Internet. We can now email, blog and chat online promoting awareness and leave behind the old beliefs regarding women. We need to promote this long over-due issue of a WOMAN PRESIDENT.

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